Re: recovering from raid5 corruption

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On 04/29/2012 07:45 PM, NeilBrown wrote:
On Sun, 29 Apr 2012 19:29:10 -0400 Shaya Potter<spotter@xxxxxxxxx>  wrote:

On 04/29/2012 06:52 PM, NeilBrown wrote:

You've written a new superblock 4K in to each device, where previously here
was something.   So you have probably corrupted something though we cannot
easily tell what.

Retry your experiment with --metadata=0.90.  Hopefully one of those
combinations will work better.  If it does, make a backup of the data you
want to keep, then I would suggest rebuilding the array from scratch.

ok, thanks, that was a huge help.

I have it setup correctly now (obvious due to the fact that I can read
the lvm configuration without any gibberish when ordered correctly).

I should add that this only proves that you have the first device correct,
the rest may be wrong.
You need to activate the LVM, then look at the filesystem and see if it is
consistent before you can be sure that all devices are in the correct

this cheat sheet came in handy

did the method at the bottom "corrupt LVM metadata but replacing the faulty disk"

copy/paste config file out of beginning of fs.

pvcreate --uuid <uuid for pv0, from config file> /dev/md0
vgcfgrestore -f <config file> <pv name>
vgchange -a y <pv name>

some cursory testing of large contigious files that have checksumming built in seems to indicate that they are all ok. probably have other corruption due to the md 0,90 to 1.20 metadata booboo, but if that's only 16k-20k (4k * 4 or 5 disks) spread out over 3tb of data, I'm very happy :) and it's mostly family photo data, so not the biggest deal if the large majority is ok.

<shew> relieved.
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