Re: raid10 issues after reorder of boot drives.

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note this strange problem which doesn't seem related.

> cat /proc/mdstat
Personalities : [raid10]
md127 : inactive sdb3[8](S) sdf3[13](S) sda3[11](S) sdc3[9](S)
sdd3[12](S) sdg3[10](S) sde3[15](S)
      3160477768 blocks super 1.0
md0 : active raid10 sdd2[12] sdh2[0] sdb2[8] sdf2[13] sdg2[10] sda2[11]
sde2[14] sdc2[9]
      143358976 blocks super 1.0 256K chunks 2 near-copies [8/8] [UUUUUUUU]
unused devices: <none>

> mdadm -S /dev/md127
mdadm: error opening /dev/md127: No such file or directory

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