Re: [PATCH 1/2] Fix sign extension of bitmap_offset in super1.c

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On 04/26/12 17:21, Jes Sorensen wrote:
> On 04/26/12 17:18, Doug Ledford wrote:
>> I was scratching my head over this patch, saying to myself "But won't
>> that cause us to truncate large values of bitmap_offset?"  And it will,
>> but I see your point now, that's *exactly* the problem if we don't do
>> the sign conversion before the extension, the actual bitmap_offset
>> should really be signed in order to support negative offsets, but since
>> it isn't, when we save a negative offset into bitmap_offset it appears
>> as a really large positive offset, and then when we sign extend to long,
>> it keeps the large size positive offset instead of picking up the
>> negative offset.  Gotcha.  So, I see why this works, but do you think it
>> should be fixed this way, or by converting bitmap_offset to type int32
>> instead of uint32?
> Heh, I have to admit I cheated too and asked Richard Henderson for help
> as I couldn't figure out why the sign conversion failed. Otherwise I
> would probably still have been scratching my head over it :)
> I noticed other parts of the code already handled it this way, so my fix
> is consistent with that, but we could do both. Neil?

Just checking mdadm.h and bswap32() is defined like this:

#define bswap_32(x) (((x) & 0x000000ffU) << 24 | \
                     ((x) & 0xff000000U) >> 24 | \
                     ((x) & 0x0000ff00U) << 8  | \
                     ((x) & 0x00ff0000U) >> 8)

so I am not 100% sure just swapping to an s32 in the struct will work on
big endian systems? Will the 0x000000ffU not force the conversion back
to unsigned or what happens in this case?

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