Re: Is this enough for us to have triple-parity RAID?

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On 25/04/12 18:59, Emmanuel Noobadmin wrote:
On 4/25/12, Alex<creamyfish@xxxxxxxxx>  wrote:
I can see that you are trying very hard to fit a new picture into an old
frame. But with new technology there is always new possibilities. For
example, what I am thinking is: with the new laser write head, it doesn't
necessarily require the head to stay very close  to the platter since laser
doesn't fade away with longer distance, which may enable a design that

The strength of the laser will fall as the distance to the media
increases, wouldn't it?

The laser's strength will only fade very slightly. It is not passing through enough air to significantly attenuate, and one of the points of using a laser is that you can focus it into a very tightly linear beam. So you are right in theory, but wrong in practice.

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