Re: Raid1: sdb has a lot mor work then sda

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On 04/24/2012 04:46 PM, Daniel Spannbauer wrote:

at the moment I'm trying to find a bottleneck on my lamp-server with
opensuse 11.4 (Kernel

Sometimes the system has a very poor performance because of a high io-wait.
If I watch the systems disk-access with "atop -dD" I can see that sda is
the most of the time at a load of 10%, sdb sometimes is at 100% or
higher at the same time.

In my opinion in a Raid1-System both disk should have nearly the same load.

Or may I wrong whis this?

Both harddisks where changed 3 Weeks ago, /proc/mdstat shows that the
rebuild was successfull and the array is functional. Today I've changed
th SATA-Cable and the Port on the Maindboard of sdb, but the behaviour
is still the same. Both disks passed the extended smart-self-test.

Any ideas about that?



Are the disks more or less the same in all SMART attributes (from smartctl -a)?

I have seen such a behaviour in the case of one disk being marginal, and/or having a couple of bad spots which need several trials to be read. This always also resulted in longer "smartctl -t long" times than usual, but did not always show up clearly in the SMART output (or I looked at the wrong attributes).

I'd try to exchange the disk.



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