Re: [md PATCH 08/23] md: don't set md arrays to readonly on shutdown.

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2012/4/18 Alexander Lyakas <alex.bolshoy@xxxxxxxxx>:
> Hi Neil,
>> This could result in the shutdown happening when array is marked
>> dirty, thus forcing a resync on reboot.  However if you reboot
>> without performing a "sync" first, you get to keep both halves.
> Can you pls clarify the last statement?
> Thanks,
>  Alex.

The RAID array breaks (does not work, because disks are out of sync),
and you can keep the pieces as a keepsake, I guess :)

By the way. Does it mean, that performing a clean shutdown/boot
sequence can result in an array requiring a resync? If this is the
case, could you point me to arguments supporting this change of
behaviour of shutdown process? I see no obvious reason and crave

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