[PATCH 0 of 4] dm-raid: various bug fixes

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I've cleaned up the first two patches I sent earlier:
	[1 of 5] dm-raid-set-recovery-flags-on-resume.patch
	[2 of 5] dm-raid-record-and-handle-missing-devices.patch
and added a couple more:
	[3 of 5] dm-raid-need-safe-version-of-rdev_for_each.patch
	[4 of 5] dm-raid-use-md_error-in-place-of-faulty-bit.patch
	[5 of 5] md-raid1-further-conditionalize-fullsync.patch

Patch [5 of 5] I think needs some work.  It fixes the problem I'm seeing
and seems to go along with similar logic used for RAID5 in commit
d6b212f4b19da5301e6b6eca562e5c7a2a6e8c8d.  It also seems like a workable
solution based on the code surrounding commit
d30519fc59c5cc2f7772fa67b16b1a2426d36c95.  Can you let me know if I'm
stretching the usage of 'saved_raid_disk' too far?


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