Re: Re: question about raid10 near copy info in man mdadm.

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Why not use md's description instead of mdadm' content?
I think this may be better,especially for people who's native language  is not English.


发送日期:2012-04-16 14:01:18
主题:Re: question about raid10 near copy info in man mdadm.

On Mon, 16 Apr 2012 13:46:46 +0800 "kedacomkernel" <kedacomkernel@xxxxxxxxx>

> This is the man md about:
> 		When 'near' replicas are chosen, the multiple copies of a given chunk are laid out consecutively  across
>        the  stripes  of  the  array,  so the two copies of a datablock will likely be at the same offset on two
>        adjacent devices.

"likely" is different from "certainly".  In most cases they are the same
offset.  In some cases they are different offsets.  I think "likely"
describes that well enough.

> I think the word "similar" is the same. 

"similar" is not the same as "same", though it is similar .....

"same" means there is no difference.
"similar" means there might be a difference, but it is not a big difference.

Does that clear it up?



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