Re: question about raid10 near copy info in man mdadm.

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On Mon, 16 Apr 2012 13:28:14 +0800 "kedacomkernel" <kedacomkernel@xxxxxxxxx>

> Hi:
> 	I readed the information about raid10 near copy in man mdadm.
> 	It is:
> 	'n' signals 'near' copies.  Multiple copies of one data block are at similar offsets in different
>               devices.
> 	But I think this wrong.
> 	If raid10 had five disks and near copy is equal three.
> 	The layout like:
> 			5 disks
> --------------------
> A1 A1 A1 A2 A2
> A2 A3 A3 A3 A4
> But the copies of datablock A2 are not at similar offset in different device.

They are certainly on different devices so I guess you are questioning the
use of the word "similar".

What do you understand "similar" to mean?

How would you describe offsets which might be the same, or might differ by
one chunk-size?

I'm happy to change the text if it is confusing, but only if the result is
undoubtedly less confusing.


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