Re: [PATCH] mdadm: do not read the 'clean' flag from potentially non-up-to-date drive

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On Fri, 6 Apr 2012 15:24:22 +0300 Alexander Lyakas <alex.bolshoy@xxxxxxxxx>

> Hi Neil,
> I noticed that mdadm may decide that array is dirty, based on the
> non-freshest drive. This happens, e.g., when there is a drive failure
> during initial resync, and then array is stopped and re-assembled. The
> failed drive still has a valid sb->resync_offset, so if this drive is
> visible during assembly, array will be considered dirty, even though
> the rest of the drives have sb->resync_offset==MaxSector.
> Do you think array should be considered as dirty in this case? Because
> if the failed drive was not visible during assembly, array would have
> been considered clean.
> The below patch is only to demonstrate the possible fix. The idea is
> that we decide that array is dirty only according to up-to-date
> drives. Currently the "clean" flag is initialized from the first
> superblock, which might not be the freshest one.
> I haven't tested it at all. If you think the direction is reasonable,
> I will test.

Yes, that does seem reasonable.
If nothing surprising shows up in testing I'll be happy to apply it.


> Thanks,
>   Alex.
> diff --git a/Assemble.c b/Assemble.c
> index 23695e7..42cbbd5 100644
> --- a/Assemble.c
> +++ b/Assemble.c
> @@ -929,7 +929,6 @@ int Assemble(struct supertype *st, char *mddev,
>                 st->minor_version = 90;
>         st->ss->getinfo_super(st, content, NULL);
> -       clean = content->array.state & 1;
>         /* now we have some devices that might be suitable.
>          * I wonder how many
> @@ -1122,6 +1121,7 @@ int Assemble(struct supertype *st, char *mddev,
>  #ifndef MDASSEMBLE
>         sysfs_init(content, mdfd, 0);
>  #endif
> +       clean = 1; /* Assume that array is clean, until we see otherwise */
>         for (i=0; i<bestcnt; i++) {
>                 int j = best[i];
>                 unsigned int desired_state;

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