Re: Can't add drive to array 3.3 & 3.2.3

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On 06/04/12 18:27, NeilBrown wrote:
On Fri, 06 Apr 2012 10:20:57 +0800 Brad Campbell<lists2009@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

G'day Neil,

I've got a vanilla 3.3 kernel, and mdadm v3.2.3.

Having now seen the real strace:

Yeah, that's a bad combination when bitmaps are involved.
mdadm v.3.2.3 has a bug with adding bitmaps.  It uses O_DIRECT writes from a
non-aligned buffer.

You could use the mdadm from my .git, and it would fix that problem, but then
there is a kernel bug (fixed in 3.3.2 I think) which causes an oops.

Probably safest to go back to mdadm-3.2.2, but going forward  to
linux.3.3.2 and mdadm-.git would work too.

Thanks Neil,

I'll back down to 3.2.2 for now then.


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