Re: Intel fakeraid working?

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On Thu, 05 Apr 2012 14:23:16 -0400 Phillip Susi <psusi@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> On 4/4/2012 9:13 PM, NeilBrown wrote:
> >
> > That bug is fixed by
> >
> >;a=commitdiff;h=c744a65c1e2d59acc54333ce80a5b0702a98010b
> >
> > and is not specific to Intel IMSM RAID.
> That commit appears to have to do with shutdown, but this did not happen 
> during shutdown.  I suppose it happened as a result of the array being 
> stuck in read only mode due to the missing mdmon.

Yes, you are right - I read too hastily.

Something wrote to the md device despite it being marked 'read-only'.
Some filesystems do that to replay their journal.  totally inexcusable
behaviour, but what can we do....

I'm surprised that would happen during installation though.
But certainly the array is marked read-only, and certainly something is
writing to it, and that is the real bug.


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