Re: RAID5 created by 8 disks works with xfs

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On 4/5/2012 1:48 AM, daobang wang wrote:
> Hi stan,
>      I duplicated the input/output error issue, about the detail
> operations and logs, please see the attachments, Is there any way to
> fix this? thanks!
> Best Regards,
> Daobang Wang.

These fiilesystem issues have nothing to do with linux-raid.  I'm
copying the XFS mailing list which is where this discussion should be
taking place from this point forward.  Please reply-to-all, and paste
the output you previously attached, but inline this time.

Also, since the XFS folks are unfamiliar with what you're doing up to
this point, please provide a basic description of your hardware/storage
setup, kernel version, mdraid configuration, xfs_info output as well as
your fstab XFS mount options, and a description of your workload.

My best guess at this point as to the du and ls errors is that your
application is not behaving properly, or you're still running with XFS
barriers disabled, which, I say _loudly_ for the 2nd time, you should
NOT do in the absence of BBWC, which you stated you do not have.

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