Fwd: grub-probe seems to be having problems

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Hi Neil,

I think this might be the message that was referred to.  I was hoping I might peak someone's interest in checking out this discussion on grub-devel.  I would be very happy to see GRUB work better with mdadm, not get in the middle of a discussion I barely understand.  Unfortunately, I only know enough to be dangerous... :-)


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From: "Vladimir 'φ-coder/phcoder' Serbinenko" <phcoder@xxxxxxxxx>
To: "Lennart Sorensen" <lsorense@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, "The development of GRUB 2" <grub-devel@xxxxxxx>, "Marco d'Itri" <md@xxxxxxxx>
Sent: Friday, March 9, 2012 1:15:43 PM
Subject: Re: grub-probe seems to be having problems

On 09.03.2012 17:05, Lennart Sorensen wrote:
> Attached is the first 512bytes of each disk (so partition table), and
> the first 64k of each partition and I believe the last 64k of each
> partition. The raid meta data appears to be in the first 64k of each
> partition. I have spared the grub-devel list from getting those. 

The thing is: raid_disks = 2 in your metadata. I don't know how this
could be correct or how you could land with such a config.

@md: The problem is following: Lennart has a raid 1 on 3 disks, however
raid_disks in sdd2 is 2 and dev_roles contains only [0, 1, -1, -1, ...],
dev_number is 0

sda2 and sdb2 contain proper raid_disks=3, dev_roles=[0,1,2,-1,-1,..]
and dev_number= 0 respectively 1. It looks to me as a seriously damaged
metadata but apparently mdadm has no problem
@Lennart: did you dd one disk to another or done something like this?

root@rceng03new:~# mdadm --detail /dev/md0
        Version : 1.2
  Creation Time : Wed Feb  8 14:39:24 2012
     Raid Level : raid1
     Array Size : 976884 (954.15 MiB 1000.33 MB)
  Used Dev Size : 976884 (954.15 MiB 1000.33 MB)
   Raid Devices : 3
  Total Devices : 3
    Persistence : Superblock is persistent

    Update Time : Thu Mar  1 15:02:06 2012
          State : clean
 Active Devices : 3
Working Devices : 3
 Failed Devices : 0
  Spare Devices : 0

           Name : rceng03new:0  (local to host rceng03new)
           UUID : 88d43dc8:2888fece:34c1486f:49caa398
         Events : 74

    Number   Major   Minor   RaidDevice State
       0       8        2        0      active sync   /dev/sda2
       1       8       18        1      active sync   /dev/sdb2
       2       8       50        2      active sync   /dev/sdd2

Vladimir 'φ-coder/phcoder' Serbinenko

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