Re: grub2/grub-pc install not possible on mdadm

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On 03/02/12 09:44, Stefan Priebe - Profihost AG wrote:
>> Looking at your original mail again - you are running a raid with
>> metadata 1.2, which means your BIOS will not know how to read the disks
>> as a raid device.
>> You should be able to install grub into the MBR of /dev/sda or /dev/sdb.
>> I believe that is possible with 1.2 metadata. 1.1 was totally broken for
>> this if I remember correctly.
> Correct that's why i've also tried to install it on sda / sdb but then
> grub complains about not finding any partition table.

Well there is no point in trying to install it onto the actual RAID
since that is guaranteed not to work. Why it fails on sda/sdb like that
I cannot explain.

>> That said, if your system is EFI based, I suspect you will need to have
>> the bios_grub partition on the physical drives so the BIOS can read it.
>> It's not going to do much good having it on the raid partition if the
>> BIOS isn't able to read those.
> The bios is not the problem - grub simply does not want to install it
> boot sector to sda / sdb.
> It does it fine when using metadata 0.9.

I cannot say why it fails like this, maybe someone else knows more but
Neil did reply to you earlier with a summary on metadata and boot loaders:


So 1.0 is good for boot loaders
   1.1 is bad for boot loaders
   1.2 is OK for boot loaders and good for other reasons (resizeable

Alternatively, why not just create a partition table on the drivers,
reserve a couple of MBs for the boot loader information and the problems
should go away?

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