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On 02/14/2012 04:24 PM, Jeff Johnson wrote:

I work for one of those vendors, it's my job to have our **** together.

The trick is to map the disk element names to the block device names.
Different SAS HBAs and drivers can enumerate the devices differently.
Persistence settings can muck things up as well. Sometimes a failed
block device at /dev/sdf can appear as /dev/sdr when replaced. You could
use udev rules to create alternate block device names but so far, for
important data, I've seen no substitute for a pair of knowledgeable
human eyes analyzing a failure and confirming a failed drive by
corelating WWNs, etc.

The tools we've been working on have been trying to correlate this by various methods though these vary by HBA and other issues. UDEV rules can often produce some interesting results (and not in a good way, and not just for disks).

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