Re: imsm raid is always readonly on boot

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Hi Neil,

Am 08.02.2012 02:57, schrieb NeilBrown:
> Probably mdmon isn't running for some reason.
> For these arrays the metadata is managed in user-space by mdmon.
> Until it is ready to record failures the array must remain readonly.
> On of the first things it does is switch the array to read-write, having
> arranged to catch any failure notifications.
> If you 
>  mdmon --all --takeover
> it might just start working.  However that doesn't explain why mdmon wasn't
> started at boot.  mdadm is meant to start it.
> There are some concerns about mdmon starting this way being not "the right
> thing" from a systemd perspective and there might be some issues there that
> are causing problems.

You're correct the mdmon does not run as the root filesystem is readonly
and it cannot create a pid file... and the root filesystem stays
readonly as the mdmon is not running...


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