Re: Please Help! RAID5 -> 6 reshapre gone bad

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On 2012-02-07, Phil Turmel <philip@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I understand the constraints, as I pinch pennies at home and at the
> office (I own my engineering firm).  I've made do with cheap desktop
> drives that do support ERC.  I got burned when Seagate dropped ERC on
> their latest desktop drives.  Hitachi Deskstar is the only affordable
> model on the market that still support ERC.

I can testify that the EARS/EADS drives can be troublesome (see my
recent threads on the list).  I also found out that apparently the
flooding in Thailand is delaying all drive vendors' enterprise drives--
they seem to be one of the few factories that make an essential part,
and their factories are all underwater.

Have others had success with mdraid and the Deskstar drives?  I wouldn't
mind saving a little money if the drives will actually work, especially
if I can get them in before April (the earliest one vendor thinks
they might be able to start building drives again).



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