Re: recovery from multiple failures

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On 2012-01-09, Keith Keller <kkeller@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> md/raid:md0: cannot start dirty degraded array.

Upon further reading (specifically man md), it looks like this is the
tail reason for the array not starting--the kernel will refuse to start
arrays in this condition.  If I'm reading the docs and other posts
accurately, it seems like I can use a kernel parameter (since this isn't
my /, I should also be able to unload and re-load the md module) to
force the kernel to start the array, at which point in theory I should
be able to work with it (including, ultimately, an xfs_repair if
needed).  But OTOH, it seems like this parameter applies only to / on
mdraid, and --force should have started the array, so I'm not really
sure what to make of it.

I've posted this before, but the kernel I'm using is fairly recent,
2.6.39-4.el5 from ELrepo.



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