Re: [PATCH 3.0.y] acer-wmi: No wifi rfkill on Lenovo machines

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Hi Andrey,

Andrey wrote:
>> 於 五,2012-03-16 於 10:20 -0700,Greg KH 提到:

>>> Ok, I've queued up a number of acer-wmi patches for the 3.0-stable tree
>>> now, all should be good.
> Please notify me when patches will be present in git. For testing.
> Thanks!

The patches can be found in the git repository here:


in the queue-3.0 subdirectory so you are free to test them today. ;-)

When Greg announces the next release of the 3.0.y kernel, they will
also be available from the linux-3.0.y branch of


assuming nobody has found problems with the patches by then.

Hope that helps,
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