Re: [PATCH] toshiba_acpi: Add support for transflective LCD

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I also think it seems a good idea.  I'll try to make a new patch using your suggestion.

BTW, I have one question about disabling backlight interface.
My toshiba laptop has three sysfs backlight interfaces,
"acpi_video0", "intel_backlight" and "toshiba".
Fedora16 is always using "acpi_video0" interface.
If I add acpi_backlight=vendor in boot param,
then Fedora16 uses "intel_backlight".
# "toshiba" is lowest priority.
So I want to know how to disable "intel_backlight" interface.
Or enable "toshiba" interface only.

Matthew Garrett wrote:

> Is there any userspace that currently manipulates the bl_power field? 
> I'm wondering whether this should actually just be implemented by adding 
> an extra level to the backlight and having 0 change to transflective 
> mode.

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