Re: [PATCH] acer-wmi: check wireless capability on AMW0_GUID2 machines

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Hi Joey,

sorry for replying late..

For ideapad s205, I work with bug reporter at

The bug reporter do not attach the DSDT, but I have a copy of acpidump of s205 at

and I backport this patch to 3.0 kernel and also cherry-pick 
  acer-wmi: check wireless capability flag before register

and get the report which says the rfkill:phy0 is hard blocked by mistake

so that I have another kernel built without touching ec register, just dont set ACER_CAP_WIRELESS
and user reports everything looks fine.

For ideapad s12, I work with bug reporter at

You can find acpi tables at

With patched kernel, rfkill:phy0 is also hard blocked by mistake and it can be unblocked by toggling the hardware radio switch

Again, I need to confirm its because we touch the ec register, so I ask them to blacklist acer-wmi. User reports it looks fine, but rfkill:phy0 hard blocked after couple of seconds and no idea why.

On 01/12/2012 08:21 AM, joeyli wrote:
> 於 四,2012-01-12 於 00:54 +0800,Ike Panhc 提到:
>> On 01/11/2012 12:26 PM, joeyli wrote:
>>> 於 一,2012-01-09 於 22:15 +0000,Carlos Corbacho 提到:
>>>> On Monday 09 Jan 2012 18:00:24 joeyli wrote:
>>>>> I just checked and found I also have no AMW0_GUID2 machines on my hand,
>>>>> now.
>>>>> I have some questions about AMW0_GUID2:
>>>>>   + Why we enabled wireless capability in acer-wim if a non-acer machine has
>>>>> AMW0_GUID2 ?
>>>> IIRC, there were some bug reports on non-Acer hardware (I don't think this 
>>>> involved Acer hardware, but this was some time ago...) where the wireless 
>>>> detection wasn't working with this, but if we forced it on, it worked fine.
>>> Yes, in acer-wmi supported some non-acer machine by quirk and read EC
>>> register. That means we need find out EC register reflect to wifi RF
>>> state if we are lucky.
>>> Unfortunately, direct enable wireless capability causes some non-acer
>>> machines' wireless rfkill always disabled. e.g. Lenovo E520
>>> If we don't check the wireless capability, then they need manually add
>>> acer-wmi to backlist. On some lenovo machines, ideapad-laptop driver
>>> should support by lenovo's ACPI method.
>> I've got two reports which says after poking the ec register, the phy0 rfkill reports hard blocked by mistake. And few hours ago I get the third report says the similar issue. I will summary the report.
> Please give more detail information (DSDT, EC register dump...), if
> poking the ec register can block rfkill, means the AMW0_GUID1 works on
> this machine, maybe we can try to find out which EC register reflect to
> wireless.
>> I am thinking about alternative way
>> Since we have thinkpad_acpi and ideapad_laptop, both of them have rfkill capability. If there is VPC2004/IBM0068/LEN0068 in DSDT, then it will be fine if we do not register rfkill in acer-wmi.
>> Any thought?
> Yes, it's possible a solution. If you can make sure lenovo machines have
> VPC2004/IBM0068/LEN0068 in DSDT, then I will generate a patch to
> acer-wmi.
> Thanks
> Joey Lee

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