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Re: Re: Extending php SoapClient for siteminder authentication

Thanks Jeffrey.

Finally got a working prototype going.

Still having problems with the relative paths for the schema files, but I'll try to resolve with the web service provider.

- superspace

On 06/06/11 16:55, Jeffery Fernandez wrote:
Take a look at the example [1] which shows how to extend SoapClient and
use CURL functionality within a stream wrapper


On 6/06/11 11:56 AM, superspace wrote:
The short version, as I have edited on Stackoverflow is:

I want to extend SoapClient so it does this internally when accessing
the wsdl:

    curl -L -E /location/of/cert.pem -c /tmp/location/of/cookie.jar

- superspace

On 06/06/11 10:56, superspace wrote:
Hi guys,

I wonder if you can help me with this.

Iâve posted it on stackoverflow but there doesnât seem to be any
takers yet.


The crux of the matter is i want to execute the following to all
endpoints as well as the wsdl itself:
curl -L -E /location/of/cert.pem -c /tmp/location/of/cookie.jar
I think the end point can be done like this:


But the wsdl is problematic.

Can anyone give me some pointers in the right direction?


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