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Re: PHP SOAP - Extreme newbie questions :/


I am sorry for removing the comments.
It was for the sake of brevity.
The fact that I mentioned it proves I am aware of 
the fact that it is a bad practice.
=> For people:
- keep comments in your code,
- in that specific case, if you lack comments please 
refer to:
(Notice that in my first post I didn't remove the 
comments; it was done on purpose! Really!)

I am sorry for removing the tests.
It was for the sake of brevity.
It is not very fair to me because in the code I 
retrieved at first there were no tests
and I added them when I was trying to find the 
problems and they are present in my first post.
=> People, do not forget putting tests in your code 
it will prevent you from "voodoo" problems.

As for the:
"[...] I think that my problems came from: [...]"
At least I am trying to give an explanation to my 
problems (even if it is clumsy).
I said *I think*. I didn't say it is the reason why.
Moreover, it is really what makes the difference 
between my first code and the last one.
I think I haven't done anything worth being mentioned 

>> see TESTING and request headers in client code
I was very pleased with seeing that.
It is interesting and if I have time to I'll try to
understand. You can't always spend the time you want
with things even if you wish to.

>> require("nusoap.php")
As I said I am an "extreme newbie": 
I didn't realize the meaning of it (require).

I think all of your remarks are *very relevant*
(put comments and tests in your code, etc.).

Yet, I just wanted to experiment a little, explore 
a track.
I am not like the ones who can say "SOAP" without 
having a least a *tinytinytiny* practice of it.

I am sorry if I offended you, SOAP and PHP experts.

So, as a conclusion, I guess what it is the best for 
people is downloading:

I only wanted to tell *you*, who helped me, that my stuff 
was finally working and was trying to tell you why...
for it not to be a "voodoo" thing too much.
Anyway, it couldn't work with no MySQL extension for PHP
and you couldn't imagine I hadn't activated it.
As for remark 2), I don't understand why you say 

As for "Zend_Framework", I am sorry but I only wanted to 
make things work without a framework (and all the work
it implies to master it). do not think I haven't tried: 
I first downloaded "soapui" and then "Zend_Framework".
But I got disheartened when I realized how much time
I would take me to master either of them.

The day I'll really need a framework I'll install and use it.
Anyway I am grateful for you mentioning those tools.

I appreciate your remarks and help.
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