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Re: migrate SOAP function from PHP4 to PHP5

2009/11/30 mindof <clichosting@gmail.com>:
> Hi,
> I have some difficulties to migrate some PHP4 soap function to PHP5 soap
> functions. I have 2 differents files, one PHP4 soap server file which
> contain the server function above and one PHP4 client soap file which
> contain the client function above. See txt files
> The problems i met, are that it's difficult enough to migrate these PHP4
> functions into PHP5 soap. I know how instanciations  are modified, ex new
> soapclient -> new SoapClient and new soapserver -> new SoapServer. But there
> is a lot of PHP4 functions which seem to not exist in PHP5 requirements; ex
> : $client->response, $client->request, $client->debug_str,
> $client->operations OR new soapval for example
> In my case, the PHP4 compute function (soap client) call the PHP4 action
> function (soap server),  did somebody know these troubleshooting ? and how
> is it possible to migrate these scripts ?
> thx a lot
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http://docs.php.net/manual/en/book.soap.php and specifically
http://docs.php.net/SoapServer and http://docs.php.net/SoapClient, is
were I would start looking.

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