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Re: accessing the results returned from webservice

Mansour Al Akeel wrote:
On Thu, Jan 08, 2009 at 03:01:11PM +0000, Richard Quadling wrote:
2009/1/8 Christian Wenz <chw@hauser-wenz.de>:
Do you have
a public URL of the .NET web service?

This test script

   $soap = new
   $result = $soap->TransactionProcess('<a />');
   echo nl2br(htmlspecialchars(print_r($result, 1)));


<messageText>Invalid merchant id (merchant_id =

According to the WSDL, the return data type is a simple string. So the web
service is returning XML, no matter which technology you use. So it's
neither PHP's not .NET's fault :-) However since you are using PHP, you may
want to use SimpleXML to parse the XML.

https isn't a registered stream for me it seems.

What output do you get for ...


this prints out the whole response as one string without the tags
brakets. So what ever the text of the all the tags is, it get appended
and printed out.

A soap client SHOULD return a stdClass object, so

echo $result->messageText;
This doesn't print anything. It's just empty.
Same thing with:

var_dump($result->messageText) ;

it shows NULL

Another thing (not related) is, I am passing the parameters as a nested array to the
web method, however, I keep on getting invalid xml format. The test
script in this email is passing a string and getting invalid merchant
id. Hum, I will have to look further into this. I was waiting to be able
to read the values from the response first.
should work.

No, this is not working at all.

if I may be so bold; I (along with thousands of others) use wso2; it may be worth considering (additionally you could knock a client up in 2 minutes using the provided wsdl2php scripts)

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