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accessing the results returned from webservice

Hello all,
I have been trying for the last few days to access the data returned from webservice. I am new to php, so be patient. Now, My understanding is the return from a _soapCall is an associative array. Which means I don't have to use xml or xpath to access the values. Insead, I can do something like:

val = result['theNameOfTheRootTag']['aChildTag']

I have been trying this but no luck. the documentation for this method is at http://php.net/function.soap-soapclient-soapcall and at the end of the page, there are some posts that address this issue. However, I have tried all of them and none worked for me. The format for the output is similar to:


the code is like:

results = **__soapCall ('getAuth' , $wsdl_url ) ;

customer = $result['response']['custName'] ;

This is not working. When I print this variable I get an empty value. Again, the docs says that it returns associative array in this case.
Can anyone point me in the right direction ?

Thank you in advance.


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