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Re: Help Required on Segmentation Fault on invoking a WebService developed in Java Axis

smarty wrote:
Hi All,

iam getting a segmentation fault when i call a Java webservice function.
When i call getFunctions method of the SoapClient it lists out the functions
exposed by webservice but when i try to call the function it gives a
segmentation fault. My php code is :

  $client = new SoapClient("";);
  $namedArray = array('xmlData'    => "TEST");
  $results = $client->testPhp($namedArray);
  echo "MESSAGE ID IS :<br>";
 catch (SOAPFault $exception)
  echo $exception;

Hi smarty,

I just checked whether it would work on WSO2 WSF/PHP <http://wso2.org/projects/wsf/php> and it woks fine for me. It is quite simple, you just want to do,


*try {

$client = new WSClient(array("wsdl"=>"";, "to" => "";));
   $proxy = $client->getProxy();
   $return_val =  $proxy->testPhp(array("param0" => "TEST"));
   echo $return_val["return"];

catch (Exception $e) {

 if ($e instanceof WSFault) {
       printf("Soap Fault: %s\n", $e->Reason);
 } else {
       printf("Message = %s\n",$e->getMessage());



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