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""Jim Giner"" <jim.giner@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message 
> ===============
> Martijn & Jim -
> Is it just the date that is the problem?
> Yes.
> Tru dat.  But mySql doesn't want the dashes embedded.  The format string
> should be "Ymd" instead.
> That's what I am doing.  No luck.
> Ethan
> *****
> You're using a format with just Ymd in it (no dashes)?  Can you post 
> *just* the query as it is looks in your php code?
While waiting - I looked at your code again.  What is the (greater than) 
symbol doing in front of your $Date var?
> > Date) VALUES(null, '$Site', '$MedRec', '$Notes', $Weight, $BMI, > 
> > '$Date'";

Also - is it valid to use the word 'Date' as a field name?  Just wondering.

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