Re: Re: Using MySQLi (OOP) to call a stored procedure with INOUT and OUT parameters.

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G'day Richard,

>I've seen this "return a row" mechanism. But that allows me to define
>IN parameters and to capture OUT params, but does nothing for INOUTs
>(as far as I can tell).

Possibly, but could be worth a try except... you want to be able to use
prepared statements, and I don't know whether you can combine
multi-query with prepared statements (I skipped over mysqli_* and went
to PDO instead so have little actual experience with the former).

>I'm in the process of de-coupling the code from SQL in PHP to use
>prepared statements with stored procedures.
>A large number of the SPs return 2 or 3 values and so OUT params was ideal.
>I want to use PDO. There is no php_myslqi extension, just php_mysql.
>I don't think I can use multi_query AND prepared statements.

Are multi-statement queries the only reason you want to use mysqli_*
over PDO? If you are using fairly static multi-statement calls, perhaps
you can wrap the multiple statements in another SP and just execute
that. It means adding more SPs to the DB especially for supporting PHP,
but it might be your best compromise here.

>I don't want to be going back a decade in development and having to
>manually prepare SQL statements and escape/test parameters when there
>is a nearly perfect mechanism already available.

Indeed, yuk!

>I think moving from OUT and INOUT to a normal result set would be the
>fastest way to move forward.

That's another approach. You could even write wrapper SPs to let you do
that without modifying your existing SPs if that helps maintain
consistency between SP codebases (but see above for a different SP
wrapper approach).
Ross McKay, Toronto, NSW Australia
"Let the laddie play wi the knife - he'll learn"
- The Wee Book of Calvin

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