Re: Stored Procedures, Dynamic SQL or static SQL and testing.

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On 2011-03-26, at 9:00 AM, Richard Quadling <rquadling@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hi.
> What preferences do you all have when using SQL. Stored Procedures or
> PHP generated dynamic SQL or parameterized static SQL.

I used both. SPs work for some of the larger reports, especially when combined with a view or two. For mist of the form interactions I tend to use regular SQL with prepared statements for simplicity and security

> Whichever you use how do you test them? Do you use unit testing in
> your PHP code? If so, do you also have unit code testing for the SQL
> statements (I suppose this mainly relates to SPs).

Yes. I generally write and test the SQL before turning it into a SP

> Does using a different RDBMS make a difference to the SQL coding style
> you'd use?

Generic SQL where possible. But occasionally I will use specific SQL for the RDBMS where appropriate. My current code base is not as layered as I would like to really make it a simple config switch to change the backend

> This isn't for any sort of thesis, just trying to see what the general
> consensus is of those that reply.
> Thanks for answering.
> Richard Quadling.
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