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On 2010-11-26, at 7:46 PM, "None" <abcdefghi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> ?Could be a silly question, but i can't find a method to use placeholder > (MySqli) without passing by reference (bind_param) or receive by > reference (bind_result)? is that right? I really hate use reference > becouse in large program is common create a circular reference, even in > multiple query with same data i lost the information after first query > so i need to clean an refill at every step.
> I prefer functions like MySql or DBI.
> Do you think it will be implemented, function like param, param_array, > fetch_assoc, fetch_all_assoc, etc. where is the correct place to ask for > this method? here?
> Thank for your advice
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Look at the prepared statements section of mysqli.

Bastien Koert
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I double checked the entire documentation, but it's not possible to use prepared queries without sending or receiving data by reference it only accept bind_result and bind_param and, in fact, this's explicitly named in

Could I be wrong? there are undocumented methods that allows this?

Thank you as always.

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