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Re: wordpress plugin

I have not looked into the wordpress db now . But I assume , there is a create date . You may not want to delete the post if you want to insert it again . Just update the old posts with the new date . I hope it will work :) . And for the tags, you may not want to bother about this too :) I guess .

 Hari K T


From: Amit Kumar Dube <chicku_dube@xxxxxxxxx>
To: php-objects@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Sent: Fri, 7 May, 2010 11:19:20 PM
Subject:  wordpress plugin

Dear Friends,
I want to make a plugin 
1) delete posts after x number of days based on a given category

2) re-publish each deleted post so that it creates a new post in the database

3) update the tags and categories of the old post_id to point to the new post_id

some body help me give some idea


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