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opendir() .. Help please!!!

How can I open a sub-directory with this example?

# Abre o diretório

# Ignorar nivel aicma e dois niveis acima
$projectsListIgnore = array ('.','..');

while ($file = readdir($handle)) 
    if (is_dir($file) && !in_array($file,$projectsListIgnore)) 
        $projectContents .= '<li><a href="javascript:void(0)">'.$file.'</a></li>';
if (!isset($projectContents))
    $projectContents = $langues[$langue]['txtNoProjet'];


I've tried using all variations "./modules" but I can not.


Miguel Machado
Software Engineer
UIC INR003-M09

www.innovareti.com.br | sac@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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