How do I do count the occurrence of each word?

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I want to parse this text and count the occurrence of each word:

$text =; #Can I do this?
$stripping = strip_tags($text); #get rid of html
$stripping = strtolower($stripping); #put in lowercase

First of all I want to start AFTER the expression "News Releases" and stop BEFORE the next occurrence of "-30-"

#This may occur an undetermined number of times on

Second, do I put $stripping into an array to separate each word by each space " "?

$stripping = implode(" ", $stripping);

Third how do I count the number of occurrences of each word?

Sample Output:

determined = 4
fire = 7
patrol = 3
theft = 6
witness = 1
witnessed = 1

$text =
#echo strip_tags($text);
#echo "\n";
$stripping = strip_tags($text);

#Get text between "News Releases" and stop before the next occurrence of "-30-"

#$stripping = str_replace("\r", " ", $stripping);# getting rid of \r
#$stripping = str_replace("\n", " ", $stripping);# getting rid of \n
#$stripping = str_replace(" ", " ", $stripping);# getting rid of the occurrences of double spaces

#$stripping = strtolower($stripping);

#Where do I go now?

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