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I agree. My wife is from China and both copyright issues and government
enforcement of things have a whole new meaning there, so I understand the
concerns on both sides.


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> Jeff Burcher wrote:
> > I have been out of the loop and just did some quick skimming of
> > SOPA/PIPA to see what all the fuss was about. PIPA seems a little
> > vague, but SOPA seems pretty straight forward, stop piracy of
> > copyrighted materials. I don't understand what is wrong with that?
> It depends on how heavy handed the solution is ... Currently I can't get
> torrent downloads of Linux distribution DVD's because torrent is blocked.
> Just because some people abuse a technology is no reason to kill that
> technology for legitimate uses?
> Action groups that just target one country are a little irritating to the
rest of
> us ... a world wide solution is needed.
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