Re: What is The best way/tool for debuging PHP?

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LEOPARD Corporation wrote:
Dev-PHP is an IDE, and I don't need such tool because I'm using Eclipse,
and I'm very comfortable with.
Good to hear others are using Eclipse as well ;) I work on a lot more than just PHP so as a single platform it's great - even between Linux and Windows.

what I really want to know is:
what is the best "pure" debugging tool which its function is to debug PHP
scripts and applications only.
I'm still using PHPEclipse for the PHP editing, and while I do have xdebug installed with it, I tend not to have to bother 'debugging', I normally just need to add the occasional print_r() in the simple stuff, and the bitweaver framework has some additional debugging facilities built right in for tracking SQL problems and proving a pretty view of data provided by print_r(). A little longer winded than setting breakpoints, but it works well the majority of the time.

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