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Nathan Nobbe <quickshiftin@xxxxxxxxx> hat am 26. April 2012 um 06:40
> INSERT TIMESTAMP:  1335414561
> INSERT DATE TIME:  2012-04-26 4:29:21
> But then from the interactive interpreter on the same box (same php.ini
> well):
> php > echo date("Y-m-d G:i:s", 1335414561);
> 2012-04-25 22:29:21
> I get this same output from another random computer of mine and I've
> verified date.timezone is consistent in both environments.

This definitly looks like a timezone offset!
Try the following code in your environments.

$date  = new  DateTime ( );
$tz  =  $date -> getTimezone ();
echo  $tz -> getName ();

PHP for CLI mode has a different php.ini than the one for apache2. Maybe
that is a problem?

Check also

php -i | grep "date.timezone"

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