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It means it does nothing. I have a small server in the computer that works fine. I also installed python in this box- and it worked perfectly without having to do anything to the server. Php on the other hand merely occupies disk space.

Aside:Holy cow, you know nothing about windows?!? Considering that Boll Bates and co. are almost as omnipresent as Satan, and have been accused of BEING Satan, that's quite an accomplishment.

On 4/10/2012 6:31 AM, Tim Streater wrote:
On 10 Apr 2012 at 03:05, Kirk Bailey<kbailey@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>  wrote:

The edition of php for windows I instaklled does not work. Which
flavor of windows php DOES work properly in windows?
What does "does not work" mean? You need to say which OS, which PHP version, what happens, and what you expect to happen. Not that I can help, as I know nothing about Windows, but with that info perhaps another can.

Cheers  --  Tim

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