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( forget email addres :( )
Robert Cummings wrote:
On 12-04-04 02:42 PM, Lester Caine wrote:
Tedd Sperling wrote:
Let me start a religious war -- should one end their scripts with "?>" or not?

Just as long as no one proposes making leaving out compulsory ;)

While I can sort of understand the logic when the file is all php and just has
an opening<?php, but when it's part of a file that has numerous opening and
closing tags AND using<?= then leaving one segment un-terminated just seems
totally wrong?

These kinds of files don't generally have issues with trailing whitespace though
:) I certainly close the tags in these cases.

I'm not alone then :)
But I prefer EVERY tag to be closed ... perhaps that would change if the IDE's faked a closing tag when it's missing so they don't get flagged as an error :(

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