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2012/3/25 Arno Kuhl <arno@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> will not only give the wrong result, it will corrupt the array for *any* further use of that array. I still think it’s a bug according to the definition of foreach in the php manual. Maybe php needs to do an implicit unset at the closing brace of the foreach where was an assign $value by reference, to remove the reference to the last element (or whatever element it was pointing to if there was a break) so that it doesn't corrupt the array, because any assign to $value after the foreach loop is completed will corrupt the array (confirmed by testing). The average user (like me) wouldn't think twice about reusing $value after ending the foreach loop, not realising that without an unset the array will be corrupted.

Hi, Arno

Requesting that will at least require a major-release (f.e. PHP 6.0)
... but I would rather request to add a notice or warning to the
documentation of references to remind stuff like that.
I think this is stuff more people will stumble over ...


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