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On 3/23/2012 10:11 PM, Robert Cummings wrote:
On 12-03-23 06:30 PM, Simon Schick wrote:
2012/3/23 Robert Cummings<robert@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

On 12-03-23 11:16 AM, Arno Kuhl wrote:

it still does not produce the correct result:
0 1 3 6 10 15 21
0 1 3 6 10 15 15

This looks like a bug... the last row should be the same. What version of
PHP are you using? Have you checked the online bug reports?

Hi, Robert

Does not seem like a bug to me ...

What you should do to get the expected result:
Unset the variable after you don't need this reference any longer.

Ah yes... that clued me in. I disagree with the article's generalization with
respect to references since references accomplish some things that cannot be
accomplished otherwise, but even I missed the fact that the second loop was
using a variable that was a reference to the last element of the array as
created in the first loop *lol*. The user's very act of checking their results
was confounding the result... I love it :)


Re, your "...that cannot be accomplished otherwise,..." Can you provide some examples? The only ones I've found are when using create_function() and the arguments for callback functions. I can't even remember or find in my code an example of my foreach()loops needed it. Seems, I recall earlier versions of PHP [<4? ]required references for variables.

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