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> My usual approach to a problem like this to to includes a parent column in the table
> ID (int pk)
> Parent ( default null ) // no parent
> Item
> Itemtype
> [etc]
> Parent will then hold either a null if a top level item, or a structured path ( 1/10/24 ) that notes the parents of the item all the way up to the parent. That way, a single query will get you all items in that parent's lineage to whatever depth is needed by using the child's value
> Select * from table where parent = '1/10' 
> Would retrieve all items that are children of a top level of 1 and a second level of 10

I would do that under normal circumstance but I cannot modify the client's table in any way shape or form. I am considering the COMPANY_ID to be the parent at this point and I can get all who belong to a company. I just need to turn that lineage into a tree.
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