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Haluk Karamete <halukkaramete@xxxxxxxxx> hat am 20. Januar 2012 um 20:56

> Do we all agree on that? It's a plain YES or NO question right here.

No, I do not agree.

1) There is no sense in cleaning up all arrays using mysql escape. This one
is for escaping BEFORE using it in a query. Why should I alter all my
get/post data, if not all data is passed to sql?

2) Think about big post arrays and consider 1) Why should I waste CPU time
to escape all my data, even if not all data is used in sql?

3) The approach you try to re-invent here is already known, take a look at
the php docs by searching for filter extension

4) What is the sense in connecting to a database at the begin of every
script? What if the script will not use it, because of data validation
failed? You wated a mysql connection on that.

There are many more reasons, and I am sure there will be follow ups on

Si it's a plain NO from me.

Marco Behnke
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Zend Certified Engineer PHP 5.3

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