Re: HTTP 403.1 error Execute Access Forbidden on IIS 5.1

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I've used PHP on Linux for years, but now I NEED to get it running on Windows XP. I've spent many hours trying to get it working, giving execute permission to everything I can think of - no luck. Does anyone have a clue what might be going on or what I might try next?

PHP runs fine from the command line but only gives the 403.1 error when running under IIS.

Pat Johnston wrote:
After installing PHP 5.2.12 on Windows XP and configuring, the test phpinfo page fails to execute on IIS 5.1, giving an HTTP 403.1 error - Forbidden: Execute Access Forbidden
Internet Information Services

The test web page is under the Inetpub/wwwroot/PHP directory and has execute access. The php-cgi.exe also has execute access. I've used .msi installers, the Microsoft .wpi installer, and have manually installed PHP without success.

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