Re: Help installing PHP and Apache on Linux (Ubuntu 9.04)

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On Aug 22, 2009, at 11:52, Felipe Quagliarelo wrote:

Hello guys, i am having some trouble installing them on linux.

i installed linux yesterday and they didn't asked me to set a root password, only for the account that i use (nero), howeover i am able to update my system and so on with that user.

i have installed apache, owrking, howerover i can't create archives or edit the default index.html that comes with apache, its says that i don't have permission to do that (i tried it and i just cant) and since i don't have the root password, i can't touch on it.

You'll have to sort these out yourself or with the help of your operating system vendor or other support channels dedicated to that kind of thing. These issues are not about php.

i tried to install php, the make && make install command isn't working, its says that don't have a make file (i download the latest version from site, the tar.gz one)

To generate the Makefile, you have to run the configure script first with whatever options you want. Most UNIX software is installed in this manner.

trying the install command (using install -p /home/nero/ php-5.3.0/ /usr/local/php/ it isnt working too

Not sure what you were trying to accomplish with this command. The "install" command is used to copy individual binary files from one place to another, but "/home/nero/php-5.3.0/" is a directory.

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