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   I just used tar -xvf php-5.2.8.tar.gz
   Um I unzipped the php tar.gz file in,
Anyways I don't quite understand the configuration
--help output so I wanted to ask if theres a way I can configure and compile php to be its own server in th
/srv/www/php-5.2.8 directory and no other with its own
domain address on port 80? Or using an existing domain name that I have with
Also could I make an .html its homepage if I can install it in its own directory. Im not very good with this kind of stuff. actually I have an apache2 http server already running on port 80 it just isn't accessable to the outside world for some reason and Id likea server That would be garonteed to work expecially a php server since I can make a decent login webpage with php.
Thats about it I don't wanna bog you guys down with any more question but I need to know the above so I can atleast get a web server garonteed to run on my suse linux 10.1 cdroms. thanks again for the mailing list.

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