Re: Questions regarding limits of processes launchedby system, exec, passthru ...

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Hi Keith,

What OS are you running?
Linux (gentoo).

> If it's Unix/Linux then you might be able to
control these settings with ulimit.
> Please see the manual page for ulimit for details.
man ulimit -> set or report file size limit
How would this help?

info ulimit
I think this two resources are the relevant
The maximum amount of CPU time the process can use. If it runs for longer than this, it gets a signal: `SIGXCPU'. The value is measured in seconds. *Note Operation Error Signals::.
This will be used by apache (RLimitCPU) in srclib/apr/threadproc/unix/proc.c

The maximum size of total memory that this process should get. If the process tries to allocate more memory beyond this amount with, for example, `brk', `malloc', `mmap' or `sbrk', the allocation function fails.
This will be used by apache (RLimitMEM) in srclib/apr/threadproc/unix/proc.c

As I understand you, the only possibility to solve my problem is to patch the
php source.
If I search in the php code after RLIMIT_ the only occurences are in ext/posix/posix.c
The RLIMIT_* are used there by posix_getrlimit (Rem: there's no posix_setrlimit).

Or is there another possibility?

Regards valli

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