Re: PF members exhibit 4 new photographs on 06-30-12

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On 6/30/12 12:11 PM, Andrew Davidhazy wrote:
The PhotoForum members' gallery/exhibit space was updated June 30, 2012. Authors with work now on display at:  include:

Don Draper - color explosion 	
I like the sparkling highlights. But the narrow range of purple to brown doesn't make this a color explosion for me. Perhaps, a new color scheme for a late 1960's Jaguar?

Dan Mitchell - Tea & Cakes
Not being a British subject, or an anglophile, I can't really relate to the content of this image. I keep finding myself trying to figure out the obscured word in the window "unconditional (?) in a crisis".	

John Palcewski - Photographer
I expected nothing else. Bonita Applebum, you got it goin' twenty years on. Looks like something from a Shoebox Greetings card from Hallmark.

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