New Monitor Selection Horror

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Greetings all!
Here comes the dreaded moment for me....Moving from the goodness of the CRT to a flat monitor. I have pushed the event as further as I could but now my LCD is showing signs of dying.
So...I need your help on selecting features and maybe brands/models so here is what I wish of it.
I need the monitor for browsing, MS Word and photography only. No gaming etc.
Am I right to stick with the 4:3 format? A web search gave me this.
    * 19″ : 1280*1024 on 4:3 and 1440*900 on 16:10
    * 20″ : 1600*1200 on 4:3 and 1680*1050 on 16:10
    * 22″ : 1680*1050 on 16:10
Do I really need the 16:10 ratio?
Coming from a 21” CRT how would a 19” TFT would seem? I think small and short (not all enough).
What are the physical dimensions of the 19” 4:3 and 16:10 screen?
I chose my CRT on the basis of being able to calibrate the RGB channels separately (at that era it was not a standard feature). How goes today?
(Initially I will be calibrating with Adobe Gamma and latter I may borrow a spider)
General specs:
IS high contrast and response time that useful for my purposes?
What about color depth?
Viewing Angle:
Am I that scr***d with this? My experience with TFT monitors is that it is a matter of placing your screen right and then NOT moving your head.
Bying Options:
So far my good options are Philips, Samsung and Dell. I hate LG and Eizo is out of budget.
The rest in the Greek market are Viewsonics and other lower end brands.
Thanks for your time....Kostas

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